Ste Griffiths

Living the way of Jesus, writing code, and loving my community.

Hi, I’m SteGriff! I’m married to Helen, I write code for Paymentshield (and my own enjoyment), and I’m trying to take after Jesus Christ (but still working on it).

Life is always changing, so you can find my latest status on my /now page.

I write fairly technical notes on my blog, and more longform on

Recent blog posts:

Node Sass Release Download Not Found

I had a problem with installing and running the build task for our Vue project on my new machine. When running npm install, I had this error: $ npm i > node-sass@4.10.0 install C:\TFS\Intermediary\ST3\Src\PSL.Intermediary.WWW\resources\js\Vue\node_modules\node-sass > node scripts/install.js Downloading binary from Cannot download "": HTTP error 404 Not Found As...

Learning to use Docker

Docker is a way of getting some software and all its dependencies, and running that software in a somewhat isolated environment. Images are available from a registry, usually Docker Hub (, or Microsoft Container Registry. An image is analogous to a software installer or package. You can use it to...

LINQ join where second collection overrides and supplements the first

Say you have a collection of default preferences, and a collection of user preferences which overrides some of the default values but also includes some values which don’t have a corresponding key in the set of defaults. You could write something really ugly for this with lots of looping and...