Ste Griffiths

Living the way of Jesus, writing code, and loving my community.

Hi, I’m SteGriff! I’m married to Helen, I write code for work (and for fun), and I’m trying to take after Jesus Christ (but still working on it).

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Latest posts:

From dockerfile to running container

Preamble Five years ago I made a post called Learning to use Docker. That post focused on pulling images from the registry and running them...

WebClient - connection from ASP.Net site forcibly closed but not from console app

I have an ASP.Net site on .Net Framework 4.6.x. When it makes a request to a certain web service, I get back “Unable to read...

Updating Ruby, Jekyll and Kramdown

I had a couple of sites on ancient versions of Jekyll, and Github Dependabot kept bothering me about all the vulnerable packages. Here’s what I...

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