Ste Griffiths

Living the way of Jesus, writing code, and loving my community.

Hi, I’m SteGriff! I’m married to Helen, I write code for Paymentshield (and my own enjoyment), and I’m trying to take after Jesus Christ (but still working on it).

Life is always changing, so you can find my latest status on my /now page.

I write fairly technical notes on my blog, and more longform on

Recent blog posts:

Let’s make websites - Part 1

Hi! It’s lockdown – time to learn a new skill! This is going to be a mini course on how to make a website with real tools and processes. Here’s the plan: Make our first HTML page and put it online with Glitch Expand our site with the VS Code...

In IE, there is no request.responseURL

Had an issue today with users in Internet Explorer (all versions) due to a deficiency in the XHR object (Edge is fine). We were handling a response and looking for response.request.responseURL which is present in all other browsers but not IE. The solution, because we had hold of the response...

Trying Sitefinity

I’ve been on some Sitefinity training this week, I’ve only got Umbraco to contrast it with. Here are some thoughts! Umbraco doesn’t come out of the box with any concepts, whereas Sitefinity has Pages, Comments, Blogs, etc. built in. That could be positive or negative. These features are all ‘Modules’...