Ste Griffiths

Living the way of Jesus, writing code, and loving my community.

Hi, I’m SteGriff! I’m married to Helen, I write code for NSG Pilkington (and for fun), and I’m trying to take after Jesus Christ (but still working on it).

Life is always changing, so you can find my sort-of-up-to-date status on my /now page.

I write fairly technical notes on my blog, and more longform on

Recent blog posts:

Eczema and Detergents

I’ve had diagnosed Eczema since I was less than a year old. It’s had phases through my life but has been on my wrists and the backs of my knees for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried all the creams and ointments over the years. The strongest ones...

Age of Mythology Board Game Helper in Angular

My second modern Angular thing. What is it? Age of Mythology is a 2002 video game which was also adapted into a board game (of the Ameritrash kind) which we’ve enjoyed with friends a few times over the years. Helen and I were playing AOM board game and found...

Angular Build File Size - Dev vs Prod

When you run ng build (or ng b for short) to build an Angular project, by default the cli will build for development mode. This is a bigger package with more error checking and messages, and is not minified. When you deploy for real, you should use Production mode. On...