Ste Griffiths

Living the way of Jesus, writing code, and loving my community.

Hi, I’m SteGriff! I’m married to Helen, I write code for Paymentshield (and my own enjoyment), and I’m trying to take after Jesus Christ (but still working on it).

Life is always changing, so you can find my latest status on my /now page.

I write fairly technical notes on my blog, and more longform on

Recent blog posts:

Azure API Management

Azure API Management I’m looking into Azure API Management (APIM) to find out how I can wrap my contemporary WCF services from the previous post. Process Make the resource I made a new Azure API Management service resource in the Azure portal. Import APIs via OpenAPI/Swagger/WSDL I added my APIs...

WCF from scratch in 2019

WCF from scratch in 2019 I work with a (big!) layer of WCF services and I want to know more about them and how we can adapt for the future. So I’m doing a deep dive! If I switch tenses in this post, apologies. It’s part stream-of-consciousness and part review....

How to use Git behind a Symantec Threatpulse MITM proxy/firewall

How to use Git behind a Symantec Threatpulse MITM proxy/firewall In some corporate environments, you might be behind a proxy, like Symantec Threatpulse, which intercepts would-be-secure traffic(!), re-signing it before delivery with a different CA. Of course this causes all kinds of problems with the “certificate chain”. You might see...