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Deploying an Angular app to Netlify

When you’re deploying an Angular App on Netlify, there are a few config steps to remember.

1. Create _redirects

Put a _redirects file in src, containing this rule:

/*  /index.html 200

2. Add it to assets

Add the _redirects file to the assets collection of angular.json:

"assets": [

3. Make a prod build task

Set up a production build task in package.json:

"build": "ng build",
"build:prod": "ng b --prod",

4. Use it

In Netlify, configure the build task as npm run build:prod

5. Set publish directory

Set the Netlify ‘Publish directory’ to dist/appName/ (with your app name there. Check the dist folder on your PC after running npm run build if you’re not sure 🙂


That’s it! This reminder article is gonna help me, I hope it helps you too.