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Eversince app

eversince is a progressive web app which lets you track + share counters that count days/weeks/months since or until your important dates!

I used to have an app like this on my Windows Phone that I really liked 😅 and I wanted to count the age (in weeks) of the baby… so I made this as a PWA you can install on PC or phone.

eversince home screen

All your counters are persisted to LocalStorage.

And, I think you’ll like the neat animation when you click on a card to edit it.

From there you can change all the details and colour, and then get a Share link to send a counter to someone else! (The link will add it to their collection of counters if they don’t already have one with that Name and Date)

eversince editor

I built it on Glitch, using vue 2, tachyons, and dayjs.

I hope you try it and enjoy it 🙇‍

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