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How to use Git behind a Symantec Threatpulse MITM proxy/firewall

In some corporate environments, you might be behind a proxy, like Symantec Threatpulse, which intercepts would-be-secure traffic(!), re-signing it before delivery with a different CA. Of course this causes all kinds of problems with the “certificate chain”.

You might see an error like one of these:

fatal: unable to access ‘…’: Empty reply from server
fatal: …self-signed certificate in the certificate chain
fatal: …Recv failure: Connection was reset

The solution for me was to configure a global git proxy as described in this SO answer, getting git to work with a proxy server:

Configure a proxy at the command line like this:

git config --global http.proxy

And if you need to disable it again,

git config --global --unset http.proxy

If your proxy server requires username and password, add them into the URL like

If your username is an email address, you must URL encode the @ sign as %40