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Life’s rich tapestory

Work/play continues on Tapestory (Tapest’ory and Tape-story are both ok with me)

I’ve “finished” the second phase demo, tapestory-shapes-2 which consisted of:

Tapestory Demo 2 Screenshot

There’s good momentum on this version now and I can sit down for an hour at a time with a fun list of features that feel acheivable:

So it feels like a good break to call this a thing, then move on with really making it more of an app.

Learnt loads about Vue3 + Typescript, come across some really weird problems too. First time using Vite and that’s to be expected.

Biggest “huh” moment was that importing Typescript interfaces to use as types didn’t just work, you have to use e.g. import type { IAppState } from "./types/IAppState"; instead of a plain import.

Also remembering that often you have to make tools to make tools. I’m not happy with the nature and range of the five-colour palettes in tapestory, but auditing palettes at this scale is a pain. I’m going to make a webapp just for managing many palettes, which can export to JS arrays and to CSS definitions a la palettes.css.

Nice to blog again on almost a cadence.

Build cool stuff together 🕊🏗