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The Many Microsoft Partner Centers

At Village, we’re Microsoft Partners. Occassionally I need to check in on our competencies, qualifications, benefits etc. but there are many different portals that let you do this.

So here are the ones I can find:

Screenshot of Membership Insights

Membership Insights (PowerBI) - my new fave

Direct link:

To get there yourself: Go to and sign in. Click on Membership on the top header bar. Then, on the secondary (dark) header bar, click Your Accounts and Reports, My Insights, Profile Membership & Training

Screenshot of Partner Center

Partner Center

I honestly don’t know what this one is for. Something to do with clients.

Direct link:

Screenshot of Partner Admin Center

Partner Admin Center in Office 365

Open your Office 365 mail or whatever and click the nine-tile menu in the top left. Click on the Partner app.

Now, for this app alone, there is an ‘old’ experience and a ‘new’ experience. You should end up in the new one by default but can regress to the old.

Direct link:

I guess this is for managing clients and the stuff that you re-sell to them. I think it’s more for resellers than for application developers.

This one is allegedly migrating into the Partner Center (above) despite looking fairly new.

Where is the portal where I used to download our software benefits?


The End.