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Age of Mythology Board Game Helper in Angular

My second modern Angular thing.

AOM Web App Screenshot

What is it?

Age of Mythology is a 2002 video game which was also adapted into a board game (of the Ameritrash kind) which we’ve enjoyed with friends a few times over the years.

Helen and I were playing AOM board game and found we had to pass the “reference sheet” of army units around a lot; I thought it would be cool to have a filterable digital version to run on an iPad. It simplifies some of the brainwork of “this-is-strong-against-that”.


I wanted to learn to do URL routing in a single page app. I’ve never set it up from scratch before, and I wanted to get to grips with UI-Router for Angular.

Not to mention, I’m still learning to piece an Angular app together. It gave me more experience with designing components and services.

This doesn’t yet use NgRx for state, that will probably be the next project.


I’m fairly happy with it. There are a few features it could still use, like:

I like that you can go straight to the route for a particular unit, like

That’s all! Til next time 🙂