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Casio PX-5S stuck on ‘No media’ and ‘No file’ when I switch it on

Everyone’s favourite blog post genre; it’s niche troubleshooting time! 👩‍🔧

I’m about to sell a Casio Privia PX-5S. Last time I used it, I loaded up a custom ALL file of a load of replacement voices and stage settings from a USB drive. Well, I went to turn it on to do some eBay photos and uh-oh! It has decided it is dead!

The screen says ‘No media’. If I insert the USB stick that still has those voices on it, it says ‘No media’, then ‘Updating, don’t touch’ then ‘No file’ and the ‘1’ light is dim while all others are illuminated (maybe an error code). Also I couldn’t turn it off, except at the wall – not a good sign.

The process to factory reset (hold 4 + Num Lock, then switch on) did not work under this condition.

I tried quick-formatting my stick and putting the voices back on it, to no avail.

On the Casio Forum, administrator Brad Saucier says:

Plug the thumb drive, with the firmware, into the PX-5s and then power on the keyboard. It should automatically load the firmware. We have had success with correcting the NO MEDIA error with this method many times.
If that does not do it, the keyboard will need to be serviced.
It’s also worth noting that we have had cases where thumb drives simply did not like the PX-5s. I know you have tried 2 already. It might be worth a shot to try a third thumb drive.

Another member adds:

…make sure you do a deep (full) format of the thumbdrive as FAT32 before copying the update file onto it. Don’t do a quick format.

The latest 1.13 firmware is available from Casio Support.

So, while it’s a bit weird that I’ve done something so bad that only a firmware update can fix it (??) it seemed worth a shot. Slow-formatting my 8GB stick took forever but after that the process was quick to put the firmware bin in the root of the drive, pop it in the keyboard, and switch it on.

As promised, it got to ‘Updating, don’t touch’ and then the instrument lights started to switch on from left to right, to show progress. Awesome!

When it finished, the piano came up… with all my custom voices! I really thought it would re-initialise and clear these.

After the piano was happy, I could switch it off, remove the USB drive, and carry out the factory reset process. This worked fine and the piano came up with the default stage piano on 0-0.

All’s well that ends well. This post is just to aggregate the information and make it searchable for the next poor soul; I hope it helped you. Stick around if you wanna read some stuff about .Net and JavaScript and esoteric online tools…😊 bye bye now!