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Coded is a Windows Phone 8 app for editing plain text documents, such as code. I wrote it to satisfy my own need for portable, usable, code editing, and I’ve field tested it a reasonable amount. It’s had about 1000 downloads.

Coded is useful for editing all sorts of things, not just code. You can use it as a paste-pad for clipping stuff from the web browser or the handy Character Map app or whatever. So if you have Windows Phone and you fancy trying it, please do! You can email me feedback to my usual address, ‘ste’, at this website.


My favourite things about it are the simplicity and features. I added a snippet insert tool which I think works great, and the OneDrive integration is pretty good.


My least favourite thing about it is the nature of the editor control. To overcome a limitation in the Windows Phone editor control, I rolled my own, which caches lines in memory and dynamically generates the content of the editor… it’s pretty slow with large documents.

Some other apps seems to have overcome these problems, and I’d love to know how! >_<

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