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Git saves the day

I’m working on a game for a bit of fun at the moment, called Space Fleet. I’ve set aside my train commute to Liverpool, and code in Visual Studio on my trusty 2011 HP laptop.

The other day I had a sub-moment of horror when I opened the project and the main file couldn’t be opened - it had turned entirely to NULs! This is a common type of file corruption where file length stays the same but all the data is lost, and can be related to problems in the sleep/resume cycle, and interrupted disk access.

Anyway, thankfully I had just checked the code into git before I closed my laptop, so restoring the file was as simple as

git checkout SpaceFleet.vb

and all was well!

Git saves the day once more. Without it, I would have had to rely on OneDrive having an older version backed up. This really motivates me to put as many projects in Git (and GitHub) as possible!

Written 2015-08-04