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He Carries My Burden

We are here to make much of God - to make God look great (which should be easy because he is great). Lent is a opportune time for this, because we have so many options:

Doing anything for lent?

Burdening God is Good

When we hesitate to burden God, we are viewing him like a human. Harassed, ungenerous, reluctant. God joyfully and readily takes on everything we can load on him, because he is a tireless father with a generosity and a holy pity that never end. If our only interaction with God each day is to say at the beginning, “Lord, carry my load, I don’t want it” and at the end, “Lord, you did it, and you did it so well” then look, you made much of God! You fulfilled your earthly purpose today by humbly asking your father in heaven (who is much greater than you) to carry your stress and workload for you and then making a big deal of him when he comes through!

Publicly revealing the worth and goodness of God is an act of worship which will help to save the world.

Join in! Burden God today!