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Learning about design patterns

I’m starting to look into design patterns using a few different resources, so that I can expand my programming knowledge (not just of the patterns themselves but of the deeper OOP and software architecture principles). Hopefully I can also pass on some of the learning to others at work and more broadly.

The approach

What I produce goes into a public GitHub repo (stegriff/design-patterns) so that anyone can use it - and perhaps contribute and expand upon it (haha…) but while creating my own guide, I found that others are doing the same, like in this design patterns repo from kamranahmedse.

The learnings

So far I found the insights into OOP more valuable than the patterns themselves. I started with two of the simpler ones, Singleton and Factory Method. Honestly, just reading the material is pretty hard, and I found I didn’t grasp what the pattern was (or maybe why it was that way) until I wrote some examples. So I’d recommend that.

Please check out the design patterns repo if you feel it.