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Make an animated expanding list/accordion in Vue

I had to do a bit of research to put together all the parts for this feature, so it’s worth writing down for future reference I think! Here is a demo:

Yeah, I used Taco Bell locations again because it’s handy JSON data that I have lying around.

There are two sides to building this feature: the animation, and controlling the child components visibility state.

A summary of what I learned

(‘TIL’ for the kids)

In the parent:

<!-- Pass in the show/hide status, the site data, and attach event handler for when the child wants to collapse itself -->
<site-details :show="" :site="site" @collapse="toggleShow(site)"></site-details>

In the child component:

<!-- The close button -->
<span class="fr pointer f1" @click="$emit('collapse')">&times</span>

For more technical info, I wrote documentation in the README on Glitch


One more gotcha I discovered in this process: Initially the source JSON data didn’t have a show property, so I had a snippet in Vue’s mounted event something like this.locations.forEach(s => s['show'] = false) to set the data up. But, when this was in place, nothing would show or hide. I don’t know if it was because I used array indexers or because modifying the state object like that makes a mutable copy. Either way, it didn’t work. So I had to modify the original JSON and add a show property to every item by hand (that is, with a Notepad++ macro).