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Make blogging easier

Blogging can be hard. Blogging can be easy. Here are my mental rules for making it easier:

  1. Find a workflow that you enjoy

    I didn’t enjoy It did everything in its power to foil me at every turn. Now that I can write posts in Notepad++, my favourite editor, and with CommonMark, it’s just a joy! I wanna write about every tiny little thing!

  2. No post is too short

    Go easy on yourself. If a blog post has to be a masterpiece, you won’t ever post one.

  3. Don’t worry about readership

    Just forget ‘em. Blog for you. Blog as an extension of your brain. (Read the comments on that page)

  4. Post when you write

    Don’t worry about making two posts on the same day. Don’t queue ‘em up, just post! This bullet point could equally be called “Don’t worry about your metrics”.

  5. Blog when you solve a problem

    Software developers, handimen, experts - this one’s for you.

  6. Keep notes

    They’re easy to turn into a blog later. OneNote. Evernote.

That’s the end! I might extend this post at a later date :)

Written 2015-07-31