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Using CommonMark in Pandoc

If you’re doing offline publishing of Markdown to any other format under the sun, you probably are (or should be) using Pandoc. And I’ll come onto how to do that in a minute, if you don’t know! But, as many web people now recognise, Markdown is not sufficient because it has inconsistencies and ambiguities as a language.

Cool news number #1 is that there is a solution called CommonMark – a strict specification which all the world’s Markdown experts (that is, implementers from GitHub, Pandoc, Discourse, StackExchange, Reddit…) are working on, and standardising upon!

Cool news number #2 is that since a couple of months ago, Pandoc supports CommonMark… which makes a ton of sense, since (as I said) the Pandoc maintainer (JGM) is on the CommonMark committee. So if your pandoc version (pandoc -v) is greater than 1.14 then you’re all set.

How to use it

So now you can UNLEASH THE POWER of this neat workflow. Find the latest release of Pandoc and install it for your system if you need to.

Open an admin command prompt (Win+X), go to wherever your CommonMark files are and run

pandoc -r commonmark -w html -s -o MyDocs.htm

…replacing options as appropriate. Here’s a breakdown of those options in case they’re new on you:

-r <format to read> (-i also works)
-w <format to write> (-o also works)
-s Make a stand-alone file (essential if you choose to output docx)
-o <output file> (the last option is the input file)

What I use it for

…but I’m barely scratching the surface of all of the cool outputs I could be getting!

Interactive mode

“I just want to know how this syntax will render as HTML…”

You can run

pandoc -r commonmark -w html

…to open an interactive mode

Does it -- convert n-dashes I wonder?
#IsItAHashTag or is it a heading? (It's a hashtag)

Just press Ctrl+C when you’re done, and the HTML will print to console.


I hope this empowers you to do neat things with publishing formats! Life gets simpler when we prioritise document structure over document style!

Written 2015-07-31