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PHP errors not displaying on OVH even though display_errors = on

This happens because OVH uses an optimised PHP infrastructure known as PHP-FPM. This system does not respect php.ini files like PHP-CGI does.

Instead, there are settings in .ovhconfig which determine how PHP-FPM handles things like errors, based on an environment setting. When environment = production, errors are not displayed.

There are a few solutions:

1. Change the .ovhconfig environment

Download the .ovhconfig file from your web hosting root. Change the environment flag from production to development.

2. Disable PHP-FPM

You can modify the .ovhconfig to force the use of PHP-CGI instead. This will allow you to use php.ini files. The new content for .ovhconfig will be:


N.b. that I have changed this advice from the documented version in which OVH said you should set the engine version to AUTO, but this will seemingly give you a very regressive PHP version of 4.4.9!!

3. Manually force errors to display

This is the least elegant solution. At the start of the PHP file you want to debug, add:

ini_set('display_errors', 1); 


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