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Postman sets login cookie but my web app doesn’t

I just lost a lot of time on this one! I have a web app written in HTML/Javascript/Angular and hosted by grunt (at localhost:8000), and a back-end API written in C# and hosted by pressing play in Visual Studio (which uses a default ASP.Net Express instance at localhost:8001).

I have an API Controller Action at localhost:8001/api/login/login which sets a loginDetails cookie. If you use Postman (the chrome extension) to POST to it, then the cookie is created, and I could see from our /login/GetCurrentUser action that the cookie was there and could be used to retrieve a user.

However, the login screen of the web app would not set the cookie, and could not authenticate, even though it hit the same controller action. Weirdly, the response from the login action was the same whether it was responding to the login page or to Postman, and had the same Set-Cookie header.

The Solution

The blog post that eventually pointed us to the problem was Cookies with my CORS from QuickLeft. The problem lay with the browser, which was refusing to set the cookie described by the Set-Cookie header because we had missed a withCredentials : true on the POST to the action. It’s that simple. So I basically made the following change in the Angular:

post(url, data);

post(url, data, {withCredentials : true});

For more detail, check out the blog post linked above, and the Angular docs for $ and the $http config object