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Quarantine Update

This was originally on my ‘Now’ page but I moved it to a blog post because it’s time-related content and I decided that ‘Now’ pages don’t make sense 😊

What’s cool?

At the moment I think Kinopio is cool. 🌿

I kind of want to get into making music again (for the first time since high school…😁)

I’m personally enjoying COVID-19 lockdown because of the forced rest. Less pressure, less guilt. But I’m privileged, I have no kids and lots of time and mental space to create culture.

We are increasingly trying to live a low-impact green life, which has meant reduced meat, reduced consumption, and shooting for zero plastic. Also, boycott Amazon.


I’m a full stack developer (.Net/Vue.js) at Paymentshield working in the Pegasus scrum team! I made the logo:

Pegasus team logo

During lockdown I’m working from home. Otherwise I cycle to work but I need to fix my bike up…

I left Village Software late 2018, but my friends there are still doing cool stuff.


I’m writing this in COVID-19 lockdown. Helen has done some amazing garden improvements, including the building of two brick raised beds. We have some beautiful young fruit trees. The next home improvement project may be the bathroom…


At Canning Road I’ve recently become an Elder. We are solidifying a church vision and building excitement for how we can change to be more like Jesus as people, a church, and a neighbourhood. You can see recent activities on the Facebook page:


Last year we started the Southport Software Devs meetup in the Paymentshield building.

Sometimes I make gadgets on Glitch.