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Scrub bin and obj

When you run Clean Project or Clean Solution in VS, it doesn’t delete everything from bin and obj; it just removes the artefacts which VS would normally build. So the output from external tools or previous builds might be left alone.

To do a full ‘scrub’ of bin and obj, we have a few good solutions:

Manual - Powershell

You could just add a Powershell script to the root of the Solution directory with this content:

Get-ChildItem -Include bin,obj -Recurse | Remove-Item -Recurse -Force

…and save it as Scrub.ps1 or something. When you run it, this will recursively delete all bin and obj folders anywhere in subdirectories. I’ve been using this solution for a while, as it’s quick to pull the Powershell file across into a new project. But in researching this post, I’ve found another way:

Automatic - Project config

You can add a snippet near the end of your .vbproj/.csproj to extend the functionality of ‘Clean’:

<Target Name="Scrub" AfterTargets="Clean">
	 <RemoveDir Directories="$(TargetDir)" />
	 <RemoveDir Directories="$(ProjectDir)$(BaseIntermediateOutputPath)" />

These two RemoveDir instructions target bin and obj respectively. This particular directory syntax is for VS 2015+, and I’ve not actually tested it. It’s included here for completeness and as a second opinion :)