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Reasons a breakpoint will not be hit

1. You’re not in Debug config

Build configurations other than Debug, by default, have “debugging info” turned down or off, and don’t define the DEBUG or TRACE constants.

You can change this for a configuration on a project:

2. The code doesn’t match

This is likely in projects where you don’t run using the Play button, like those hosted in IIS or by an external tool. Make sure you’ve shut down any old running instances (check Task Manager), then rebuild, and start the processes from scratch. After you re-attach, the problem may be gone.

If not, you can get really clean by either restarting the machine, or: Closing all Visual Studio processes, deleting all bin and obj, and restarting IIS.

In branched code, make sure that you are debugging the same branch you built! Make sure your worker processes are running the branch you think they are!