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TortoiseSVN failed to run the WC DB work queue… access is denied.

This could happen when you attempt to ‘Upgrade Working Copy’ on a repository. I got this error while resolving problems with a Jenkins job which had just moved to a new build server. It seemed that Jenkins couldn’t update the repository, so I went to investigate, hoping to revert and update it manually. But when I tried to use ‘Upgrade Working Copy’, this error appeared:

Failed to run the WC DB work queue associated with 'C:\...\workspace', work item 2 (postupgrade)
Can't set file 'C:\...\workspace\.svn\entries' read-write: Access is denied.

Steps to resolution:

Your repo should be back in a pristine state now, and upgraded to the latest SVN version. This will hopefully resolve any problems that your build server is having when it tries to update the workspace!

Written 2015-06-19