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Quickstart a Cordova application

This guide uses the Cordova CLI, and is a condensed version of the Apache Cordova Documentation.

Start an app

Run the command prompt as admin on Windows (File, Open command prompt, Open command prompt as administrator)

Run the following commands using the directory you want to create, a unique namespace you own, and a new app name:

cordova create AppDirectory AppName
cd AppDirectory
cordova platform add wp8
cordova platform add android

…adding a line for any other platforms you want to target. The opposite of add is rm.

This generated a skeleton directory with some default files. The docs say,

Any initialization should be specified as part of the deviceready event handler, referenced by default from www/js/index.js.

…but I feel like it doesn’t matter. You can wipe out basically all of the HTML, JS, and CSS installed by cordova create and it still works, but you should preserve the useful directory structure.

Add plugins if you want, specifying a cordova-registered name or a git url:

cordova plugin add phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner
cordova plugin add

Use rm to remove

Build and deploy

To build and deploy your current code onto attached USB devices, just type

cordova run

A breakdown of what this does

This does cordova prepare and compile as pre-requisites, then runs the build on available devices.

If you want to run the existing build without recompiling, use cordova run --nobuild. For info, try cordova help run.

Have fun and check out the documentation from the start of this document if you get stuck! :) Ste

Written 2015-07-17