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IIS Error 500.19 when web.config is fine

This article affects you if IIS is showing an HTTP 500.19 error with Error Code 0x8007000d, but your web.config file looks well formed. A special indicator is that the ‘Config source’ section just says: -1: 0:.


This is probably happening because your web.config makes use of an extension which is not installed. Commonly this is URL Rewrite. You can either delete the config values for each extension until your site is accessible, or install the extensions.

		<!-- I am the offending config section! -->

Full error text:

The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.
Detailed Error Information:
Module	   IIS Web Core
Notification	   Unknown
Handler	   Not yet determined
Error Code	   0x8007000d
Config Error	   
Config File	   \\?\C:\...\web.config
Requested URL	   <snip>
Physical Path	   
Logon Method	   Not yet determined
Logon User	   Not yet determined
Config Source:


More Information:
This error occurs when there is a problem reading the configuration file for the Web server or Web application. In some cases, the event logs may contain more information about what caused this error.

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If you have a different Error Code, check out kb 942055 for a table of codes and causes.