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Why is Adobe Reader so big?

Because it has a lot of features made to let Adobe’s corporate customers get better value out of you! This post is inspired by a comment about Adobe Reader by howardhus on Reddit.

“Adobe Reader” is not just a PDF reader. At the pro tier, it has a massive feature list featuring gems such as:

The catch

Beware! The free reader doesn’t give you the power of these features. As the original commenter deftly puts it:

Merely displaying PDFs is one function out of 100. To you as the consumer, it’s the bait… but the system behind it is what Adobe sells to its corporate consumers. They say: “You want a full fledged content tracking system? We got it… and the best part is all your customers have the clients already installed! in the form of Adobe Reader”.

This is the shady reason you’re downloading 500 MB of software just to open PDF files.

What you can do

If you want to free up space and cut Adobe’s install base for their massive metrics platform, here’s what you can get instead:

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Written 2015-09-14