I left Village Software late 2018 and started at Paymentshield to work closer to home. It’s going well!


This year we are finishing the trimmings of our house extension which we self-built between Feb 17 and Summer 18, and maybe getting on to the garden.


At Canning Road we are solidifying a church vision and building excitement for our transformation as people, a church, and a neighbourhood. H and I will be coached to run CAP Money Course this year and will hopefully run it a few times locally in 2019.


We are starting a Southport Software Devs meetup in the Paymentshield building. Sign up on to register your interest and find out event dates.

I’m trying to work ‘hacking time’ back into my life as I don’t get to ride a train for 1h30 any more! Sometimes I make gadgets on Glitch.