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New Year New Griff

Welcome to the YEAR OF THE DRAGON 🐉. What have I been up to?

There are now two Griff Kids in our house – one with each set of chromosomes! I am looking forward to the opportunity of being an Equal Opportunities Father who can gather the whole family around a Knex set if that’s what they want to do.

I am very serious about my kids’ privacy, and not putting anything googleable about them on here or anywhere, as they will be more than capable of embarassing themselves on the internet when they come of age. But, needing a convention, I will henceforth be calling Baby Griff “Monkey” or “M” and my daughter “Frog” or “F”.

Speaking of Knex, we have been building some awesome knex models here and I want to post them soon, because honestly, my model V6 is probably the best thing I built so far this year.

In meta-stegriff news, this blog has had some (hopefully non-breaking) tweaks to implements tags and topic pages, and the Now page is the first to use that. I am casually refactoring some CSS too so if something looks wrong it’s because of my whimsical approach to developing this blog without a working Ruby runtime on my machine.

Thanks! 🍔