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AngularJS Quick Start Examples

Screenshot from QuickStartAngularJs

AngularJS is a little out of vogue now because little brother ‘Angular’ (just Angular) has taken over. However, after working with it under duress for a while, I only recently discovered the beauty of AngularJS. I’m not a big fan of starting every new project with the Next Big Framework because it’s so tiring, and I don’t want to be the cliché developer who restarts every project a dozen times just to use the latest kit… so, creating some re-usable, self-documenting tooling that lets me reliably deploy AngularJS seemed like a good idea.

When starting a new AngularJS project, I’d always forget where the various bits are supposed to go, so I made myself some quick start examples, and they’re on GitHub: QuickstartAngularJs. To see what I made, you can go visit QuickstartAngularJs on GitHub Pages. My favourite is example #2 (screenshot above).

Help yourself, if you’re not too cool and busy building everything in Vue, React, Meteor, Polymer… :)