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I fixed my Yamaha PSS-A50

Finally writing this post after more than a year after actually fixing the thing, and two emails from friendly people following up on my initial findings. Big thanks to Scott and Ionică for reaching out with their experiences.

How to fix a PSS-A50 that won’t switch on

You will need a soldering iron, tweezers, bare wire, and a multimeter.

Take care and use protective surfaces, goggles, etc.

What we’re going to do

You are going to test and remove the F001 fuse from the main board and replace it with bare wire.

Fuse replaced with wire

Doing it

Releasing the ribbon collar

Location of Fuse F001 near USB input

Optionally, you can put some padding or tape or something over the connection if you want to protect it.


I found that the keyboard now powers on (yay) under batteries or USB. If you are testing with batteries, make sure they are new or fully recharged ones!

I had a suspicion for a while that it was eating batteries faster than usual. I can’t tell empirically whether this is true. Change the Battery Type setting on the keyboard (Shift + D4 key) to nI if you are using NiMH or rechargeable batteries, and AL if you are using Alkaline/Manganese batteries.

If you would like to talk about this fix, please do email me; ste at this domain.

Good luck, have fun 🎵