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Instantiating an extended/merged type in Typescript

Typescript lets you extend types with the & sign, creating new mutant hybrid types. I think these are called extended types, but I’m gonna call them mutants. How do we make an instance of these mutant types?

I’ve got a Typescript class and an interface:

export class ActivityModel {    
	public id: number = 0; 
	public activityTypeId: number = 0; 
	public uniqueIdentifier: string = null; 
	public context: { [key: string]: any; } = {}; 
	// ...

export interface ShortCode {
  shortCode: string;

…and somewhere there’s a component that wants data of an intersected type, ActivityModel & ShortCode:

const doStuff = (act : ActivityDetailModel & ShortCode) : void {
	console.log(, act.shortCode, "says hello");

How do I instantiate an object of this type, as I might need to do in a mock, for example?

Here’s a way I found:

const mockActivityFactory = (): ActivityDetailModel & ShortCode => {
  let adm = new ActivityDetailModel;
  let mockActivity: ActivityDetailModel & ShortCode = {
    shortCode: "ABC"

  // Here's the setup I need for my mock
  mockActivity.context = { locale: { currency: "GBP" } };
  return mockActivity;

To break it down:

Now finally I’ve ended a blog post with “Return the mutant”… all is well. Have fun! 👾

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃🙏