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Stitch together multiple MKV videos from OBS

Shooting tutorials and demos in OBS is easy, and you can pause the recording anytime to fill dead space. But what if you stopped a recording, on purpose or by accident, and want to edit multiple resulting MKVs together without using a Video Editor?

There’s a great command line tool for this, called mkvtoolnix.


On Windows, if you have chocolatey, run choco install mkvtoolnix in an Admin Powershell.

Otherwise, go to their Windows downloads page and get an installer.


The tool for merging two or more MKV recordings together is mkvmerge, and it’s as simple as:

mkvmerge -o Final.mkv .\Part1.mkv + .\Part2.mkv + .\Part3.mkv

(Above is Powershell, paths will be different in git bash etc.)

Make sure you put the plus + sign between each constituent video. This will output to Final.mkv; you can change the output file name to whatever you want.

It should very quickly produce the output video. Then, you can remux it to an MP4 format directly in OBS using File -> Remux Recordings

Hope it helps! 📹🍂