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Scoring values from 0 to 10

(Disclaimer: I am not a mathematician)

Say you need a formula that attributes a “good” price of £150 with a score of 10, and a bad price of £300 a score of 0.

Let’s call £150 b for best and £300 w for worst, with an input price p and output Score:

Score := (10 * (w - p)) / (w - b)

This formula also works if your “best” score is higher than your “worst” score, as it would be if you’re counting something like pay or RAM instead of cost.

I find this technique useful in Excel to give normalised scores to some data:

If I have multiple different columns to rate, I create a Score column next to each of them, then my final score for the row is just AVERAGE(C1,E1,G1) etc.

This will probably help me more than it helps you, but I hope it helps someone anyway…

Rest and be well! 🌻