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Junior again

We’re building an extension at the moment. Dad is the brains, and my wife and I are labourers. It’s funny, every time Dad has to remind me again to do something that he’s already asked me a dozen times to anticipate in advance, I think to myself “dang!” why didn’t I think of that? Examples:

And as a senior dev, I know just where he’s coming from. It reminds me of times when juniors at work don’t remember the techniques I showed them a few hours ago… and the previous day. But that’s the same for all of us coming into a new trade; the experience is full of “dang” moments. So this brings some things to the fore, for Juniors and Seniors to bear in mind:

Junior team members

Senior team members

Lastly, a note to all: take on the ambitious challenges that are just a little uncomfortable and beyond your usual grasp. I think everyone says this stuff - maybe it’s a platitude. But the most rewarding thing during the build has been the most challenging. I had a go at bricklaying and the first course is torture when your back isn’t used to crouching over the bricks, and you’re not good at handling the tools and mortar (and it’s raining)… it’s a frustrating skill to start up. It was unfun, and there was always the option to give up. But after I took a break and came back to the second and third courses, it was much quicker and more satisfying. So, pushing through was worth it!

I humbly hope my little story helps you out at work, whatever you do :)